As abb Solar Energy, we provide services with our engineers and technical staff, who can think quickly and accurately, and always act solution-oriented, in the construction site environment, combined with the experience of training, in order to realize electrical energy infrastructure applications in all kinds of structures or building groups with various functions.

  • Medium Voltage Energy Transport
  • Construction of Medium Voltage Step-Down Distribution and Substations
  • Low Voltage Energy Supply and Distribution
  • Compensation Systems and Installation
  • Indoor / External Lighting Systems and Installation
  • Strong and Weak Current Systems and Installations
  • Automatic Control and Control Systems and Installation
  • Weak Current / Data Systems and Installation
  • Uninterrupted and Backup Energy Systems and Installation
  • Automation and Process Systems and Installation
  • All Kinds of Special Systems
  • Grounding Systems and Faraday Cage Applications
  • 380 & 154 kV Substations
  • 380 & 154 33 kV Energy Transmission Lines
  • Wind Farms
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Cogeneration Facilities
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